Sabore Rose Petal Moisturiser
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Sabore Rose Petal Moisturiser

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Sabore's Organic Rose Petal Moisturiser:
Skin Types: Dry- Sensitive-Normal

This is a beautifully hydrating, calming and soothing moisturiser for sensitive, normal and delicate skin types. 

Hibiscus extract reverses the signs of aging, while NZ Active Manuka Honey assists cellular repair plus regeneration. 
Strawberry fruit tones and tightens pores. 

Also containing Anti-Oxidants, to protect the skin from damaging free Radicals and Oxidation, and increase circulation and promote healing. 

The proven Aromatherapy benefits of Rose calms, relieves anxiety and stress, while providing an amazingly delicate and ethereal scent. 

You will love Sabore's premium Rose Petal Moisturiser not only for it's beautiful feel and divine scent but also it helps to calm reddened, inflamed skin that cannot tolerate harsh or heavy creams especially this time of year.