Sabore Rebalance Toner
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Sabore Rebalance Toner

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Rebalance Toner:
This is the perfect toner for stressed, problematic, blemished, hormonally Imbalanced, Acne Rosacea or pH Compromised skin types. 

Maintaining the integrity of the pH Mantle of your skin is an important step in the health, proper hydration, protection and for restoring skin balance. This beautiful formulation is key to transforming damaged, thirsty, problematic skin. 

Key Ingredients- 
Numerous Amino Acids assist to rebuild a weakened Cellular Matrix as amino acids supply nutrients to nourish the skin. This is essential for the health of your skin, strengthening connective tissue and keeping the skin smooth and elastic. 

Soothing and calming botanical's such as rose, lavender, chamomile and calendula calm and treat dehydration and sensitivity. 

Organic MSM delivers polysaccharides and antioxidants into the deeper levels of the skin. 

Pure cold pressed plant oils, + Aloe, along with Hyaluronic Acid firm and tone the skins surface while also aiding in lost moisture

NZ Manuka Honey- A proven anti-inflammatory with antibacterial properties, soothes inflamed skin, balances the Skin’s pH, promotes the growth of Collagen in Skin Cells. It also heals and repairs and is a natural Humectant to draw moisture.
This serum-style toner (which you apply after cleansing) is like liquid gold for stressed, problematic, dehydrated, and imbalanced skins. 

Out of all our Sabore products this is in my top 2 favourites!