Sabore Anti Aging Firming Serum
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Sabore Anti Aging Firming Serum

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Anti Ageing Firming Serum:

Saborés synergistic blend of natural/organic and cutting edge ingredients make up this exciting Anti-Aging firming Serum.

Assists in extending the cells lifetime while providing the ultimate in firming and regenerating aging, sagging tired looking skin.

Hard-hitting ingredients with no nastie's! here are just a few of them.

DMAE – an amazing nutrient that firms and extends the life of cells.

Chicory Root – Increases collagen synthesis has a tightening effect restores your skins splendor

Beta Glucan – This active ingredient penetrates the epidermis and reaches the dermis creating improved skin smoothness and fewer wrinkles.

Teprenone – Improves tissue quality improves dehydration and age spots improves skin moisture and rough skin, fine lines, redness and enlarged pores

Kelp Oar – This extract stabilises skin hydration supports the penetration of components and supply of linoleic acid which make for better skin barrier function

Blue Green Algae – Full of minerals vitamins, chlorophyll amino acids and DHA which is crucial for collagen production has an immediate smoothing effect by connecting to skins cells.

Knotgrass Flavonoids – Makes the skin look firmer stronger and more rejuvenated reduces the appearance off wrinkles and fine lines

Green Tea – This extract is 10 times more effective at rejuvenating skin cells than laser/light therapy.