NishMan Beard & Mustache Care Oil 75mls

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The NISHMAN Beard & Mustache Care Oil moisturizes beard hair and conditions dry skin under the beard.

It's a must have for facial hair upkeep. Helps to groom and soften facial hair so it looks and feels great whilst hydrating the skin underneath the beard.

Is Beard Oil Safe to Use Directly on Skin?

Yes, it was designed with the dual purpose of conditioning facial hair and skin. Skip a step in your morning routine with this multi-tasking skincare product.

Is Bead Oil Formulated with Natural Oils?

Yes, the oil contains natural oils such as Jojoba, Argan, Sunflower, Olive Fruit Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.

How to use:

Simply massage the beard oil into the damp or dry beard. Depending on the size of the beard, we recommend between 2 to 4 pumps per usage.

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